Suggested items that you will need when preparing your items for sale

* Large Safety Pins
* Various sizes of ziploc plastic bags
* Zip ties
*Cleaning Wipes
* Rubber Bands are great when sorting your clothes you can bundle them by size for easy check-in
*Packing Tape
*Masking Tape
* 60 lb weight or higher cardstock to print your tags.


Click here to check any items for safety issues or recalls
Type the manufacturer in the search bar and that will locate any current recalls.
This is your responsibility to make sure all items meet current safety standards. 

Once your items have been entered into the system in your consignor account you can print out your tags.  Tags must be printed on white cardstock at least 60lb weight or higher.  If you are unable to print from home you can send out to your local copy centre for them to print for you.
A great tip is you can put a bit of packing tape over your safety pin at the top where you pin your tag so the tag cannot be ripped off.  Clothing sells much better on hangers so avoid putting items in bags when possible. 
Do not tape over the barcode as we will need to scan this when your item is purchased.
You want to make sure your item stays secure on the hanger by using safety pins on both sides.
If you have any new items make sure to tape those boxes shut as well as anything you place in ziploc bags.
If you have manuals or instructions for your items please make sure to include those.

How to price your items?
The price you set your items is 100% up to you.  You want to price your items to sell.  We have listed a suggested pricing list to help guide you.  Price your items as if you were the buyer.  What would you pay?  Condition of the item and brand matter as well when determing your price.  Non brand items generally are priced between $1.00-$4.00.  Basic brands such as Old Navy and Osk Kosh $3.00-$6.00 and higher brands such as Gap, Polo, Gymboree $4.00-10.00.  
Click here for our our pricing suggestions page 





We accept clothing newborn to children's size 14 as well as maternity clothes.  Only the best quality will be accepted so check your items for wear, stains, rips, broken pieces etc.  

To prepare your items wash and sort them by size.  If you are able to iron them they will present better and more attractive to your buyer.  All items must be on either children or wire hangers.  We ask that pants and skirts be attached at the TOP of the wire hanger by the waistband with two large safety pins on either side.  No pant hangers or folded over pants will be accepted.  When hanging your items your hanger hook should face to the left like a question mark.  Once you have printed out your tag attach with a safety pin to the right of the items as shown in the diagram.

For clothing sets, either attach them together on the same hanger (with the pants in the back pinned a the top of the hanger and the shirt over top) or rubber band 2 hangers together. Please describe all pieces/ parts on only one tag. Please do not attach more than one tag per set.

Need hangers?  Lots of children's stores just throw them out so check with your local stores to see if they have any you can have.  A great way to keep ahead is start entering your items early and as the kids outgrow them.  You can be doing this all year round and ready to go come sale time.  If you have any questions or need clarification please don't hesitate to contact us.

When getting your toys ready for the sale make sure to attach your tags with packing tape and NOT scotch tape.  Toys with pieces are best placed in a ziploc bag and taped closed.  Little hand might be picking these up so you want them to stay closed and your tag to stay on.  All electronic toys MUST have working batteries to be accepted.  It is a great idea to put more than one tag on bigger items and also place your consignor number on a piece of masking tape/painters tape someone on the item in case your tag does go missing we can print a new one for you on the spot.  Puzzles are best wrapped in saran wrap and taped or placed in a ziploc bag.
When pricing your books attach them to the bag of the book and place your tag in a spot where to not cover details or reading level.  If you have several books you would like to sell together place in a ziploc bag and tape up but make sure you can see the spine of them as to see the titles of them.  Also put books together in a series and make sure if you do bundle to bundle together books of the same reading level.


We only accept shoes that are in pristine condition.  A magic eraser works great for making shoes look like new.  Use ribbon or a zip tie to attach your shoes together. Socks sell best in a bundle in ziploc bag with the price tag taped to the front.


These items sell best in sets and if possible pin together when selling.  Items out of plasic bags seem to sell.  Bedding is best in a comforter bag with a picture of what it looks like taped to the front.


These items sell best assembled.  Be prepared at drop off to put them together. Zip tie your tags or place multiple tags on the item.  We currently are not accepting cribs or carseats at this time.